Update from Public Meeting regarding proposed subdivision held on Jan 19th, 2017.

 More than 100 people came out to the City of Ottawa's public meeting on January 19th at the Manotick Arena Community Centre Hall to discuss Manotick Main Regional Inc.'s  proposal for a new subdivision.  The proposal is for 84 units, which will include 54 bungalow town homes and 30 single detached bungalow dwellings.  Access to the site will be provided via a public road network with two connections to Kelly Marie Drive and one connection to Manotick Main Street.  Parklands will be dedicated to the city and will be located in the southeast corner of the site, with public access to the Rideau River.


Many residents at the meeting expressed concerns about its proposed density, even though it is below the limits of the recently approved Secondary Plan for Manotick. The public meetings and workshops about Manotick's Secondary Plan took place over the past two years and were well publicized in local newspapers and in newsletters from the ward councilor and

community association.  Their outcomes were also publicized: council-approved planning decisions regarding density and servicing for specific development lands within Manotick's village boundaries. Manotick's Secondary Plan has been posted on the city's website and the MVCA website since its approval last year. 

There were many comments and objections to the presented Site Plan. Most of these were concerns of the immediate neighbours and related to:

 The Internal Road Layout

 Road Access to Main Street

 Pedestrian Access

 The Proposed Park

 Storm Water collection

 The Pump House location

 The Potential Dock

 Parking for the Park and Dock

 Removal of Butternut trees

 Numerous immediate neighbour issues


For additional information, including information about preserving your appeal rights, please direct inquiries to: Jeff Ostafichuk, Assigned Planner, by phone at 613-580-2424, ext. 31329, or by e-mail at jeffrey.ostafichuk@ottawa.ca  .


City staff will include comments they receive in their report and recommendations to ARAC.  The earliest that the staff report will come to ARAC is February.

Please click on links below to see the corresponding information boards which were on display at the public meeting.



*The following article was published shortly after application was first submitted.

Manotick Main Regional Inc. (Regional Group) has submitted its application for 54 bungalow townhouses and 30 singles located at 5721, 5731 and 5741 Manotick Main Street

Manotick Main Regional Inc. (Regional Group) has submitted its application for 54 bungalow townhouses and 30 singles located at 5721, 5731 and 5741 Manotick Main Street


In response to many requests from Manotick area residents looking to downsize and stay within the village, the Regional Group has applied to build a bungalow community of singles and towns on the southern edge of Manotick, bordered by Kelly Marie Drive, Manotick Main and the Rideau River.


The proposed community will be developed on city water, wastewater and stormwater services. The plan of subdivision includes 5 river lots.  A 30 m conservation easement is proposed over these lots to protect the Rideau River Shoreline and address the heritage requirements of the City of Ottawa and Parks Canada. Zoning in this easement limits development to a single dock for each of the 5 river lots.


A public park in the southeast corner of the site will provide new public access to the Rideau River. This is in addition to the existing water front access at the extension of Kelly Marie Drive. 


A sanitary pumping station is proposed to be located at the southwest corner of the park at Kelly Marie, because the development site is lower than the connecting sanitary sewer. 


Detailed information pertaining to this application is posted on the City’s website and includes: a Planning Rationale, Draft Plan of Subdivision, Environmental Impact Statement and Tree Conservation Report, Geotechnical Investigation, Groundwater Impact Assessment, Noise Study, Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment, Preliminary Site Servicing and Stormwater Management Brief, and a Transportation Brief.


These documents can be viewed below.


You are also invited to send your comments regarding this application to the City Planner, Jeffrey Ostafichuk at Jeffrey.Ostafichuk@ottawa.ca , with copies to Councillor Scott Moffatt ( Scott.Moffatt@Ottawa.ca) and to your community association president (President@Manotickvca.org).  Comments should include these reference numbers: D02-02-16-0056 and D07-16-16-0012. 

A public meeting will be held in Manotick Arena on Jan 19th, 2017 7:00-9:00pm.


Interested residents are urged to take time now to review the application and to submit  comments for early consideration. Comments can also be provided in writing at the Public Meeting and for a few days thereafter.