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2019-2020 Board of Directors

The Manotick Village and  Community Association (MVCA) is a voluntary, not-for-profit, membership-based community organization with the objectives directed towards

Advancing the interests of the Village and Community of Manotick and the quality of life of its residents


All members, including members of the Board, are volunteers. There are volunteer positions available in many different roles with varying levels of time commitment. Volunteering with the MVCA is a rewarding way of becoming involved in your community. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please visit the Volunteers page to find out more or email info@manotickvca.org with any questions. 

Membership is open to any person 18 years of age or older and who has paid the annual membership fee of $10 per person or $15 for families. The Association has no employees.

Brief History:  The MVCA was founded on April 13, 2010 when the Manotick Community Association (founded in 2002) and the West Manotick Community Association (founded in 1998) were amalgamated to form the MVCA. 



The Board consists of a maximum ten (10) Board Members of the Association (amended from 9 to 10 after a constitutional amendment ratified at the 2016 AGM to add a Past President) of which five (5) are deemed to be Officers of the Board. The nominal term of office of a Board member is two years. The MVCA constitution is available to view here.

Past Officers

The MVCA wishes to recognize and thank the past Officers and Directors who gave their time, knowledge and skill to serve the community of Manotick

Brian Stemmler, Director, Membership, 2016-2018, Treasurer, 2018

Tara Lanouette, Treasurer, 2017-2018

Klaus Beltzner, President, 2012-2017

Brian Tansley, President, 2010-2012
Sheila Dubyk, VP Events, 2015-2016

Allan Haan, VP Events, 2013-2015
Jan Hynes, VP Events, 2010-2013

Andrea Strawbridge, VP Communications, 2016-2017

Grace Thrasher, Treasurer, 2012-2017

Pierre Viau, VP Advocacy, 2012-2016; Treasurer, 2010-2012

Judy Beltzner, Secretary, 2014-2017

Jane Dormon, Secretary, 2011-2014

Ted Ross, Secretary 2010-2011

Past Directors:

Brian Stemmler 2016-2018

Giulio Maffini 2014-2017

Janice Domaratzki 2012-2016

Mel Roberts, 2012-2016
Ted Ross, 2011-2013


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