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Transportation Master Plan

Update:  March 2023

In February 2023 The Transportation Committee and Council approved the City’s TMP policies and Active Transportation Projects thus completing Part 1 of Public Consultations. The MVCA participated by submitting budget requests itemizing local areas of concerns for our residents, as outlined in the Secondary Plan and not yet implemented. Full details of MVCA’s requests are described in attached PDF.  

Thanks to residents' requests and ongoing lobby efforts by the MVCA over the years to improve our sidewalk connectivity, the City recognized three Manotick projects and included them in the Active Transportation Project list. This is good news for the Village - particularly residents who use Eastman Avenue to walk between Mahogany and the Village core. The three projects are:

  1. A sidewalk along Eastman Ave from Rideau Valley Dr to existing sidewalk. Sidewalk along Potter Dr to 81m south of Eastman Ave

  2. A sidewalk along Long Island Rd from Bridge St to Riverside Crescent, and feasibility review of a pedestrian crossing near Bracken Field

  3. Feasibility study of adding pedestrian and cycling facilities on Manotick Main St from Eastman Ave to Century Rd E, and adding cycling facilities on Manotick Main St from Eastman Ave to Bankfield Rd and on Bridge St, east of Manotick Main St.

Although no dates have been set, these are part of a city-wide list of projects that will commence in 2024 and will be implemented based on available funding.  We will continue to monitor further developments and share updates when available.


As of this writing, subsequent phases for Public Consultations on the TMP are scheduled for Fall 2023 - Phase 4 – public engagement on Origin Destination Survey results and future travel demand, and 2024 for Phase 5 – public engagement on draft Capital Infrastructure Plan and investment scenarios. Part 2, Completion will occur upon approval of the TMP Capital Infrastructure Plan by the Transportation Committee and Council to follow thereafter.

For updated TMP Part 1 materials, refined based on feedback received from residents and stakeholders during TMP Phase 3 Public Engagement go to the City’s website

UPDATE:  May 2021

Update on TMP Timeline
The FAQs on the draft Official Plan have also provided an update on the timeline for the draft Transportation Master Plan (TMP) – a critical document for Manotick as it will outline future road network designations.


It notes that the completion date for the TMP has been pushed back to 2031. This is due to the delay in undertaking an Origin-Destination Survey which would provide insights into travel trends throughout the City. The Survey has been delayed until the fall when it is assumed that residents will be operating in a non-pandemic environment. A Survey taken now would be skewed by the number of residents who are either working from home or not working due to the COVID-19 restrictions.


Update:  October 2020

MVCA's response to Transportation Master Plan Principles

MVCA has submitted comments on the Transportation Master Plan Principles to the CIty and to Councillor Moffatt.


Update: September 2020 

Online Questionnaire

Engage Ottawa is offering an online survey primarily focused on three topics for the Transportation Master Plan:

  1. the Active Transportation (AT) Plan;

  2. new technologies that are changing the way we move around the city; and 

  3. what a fairer transportation system looks like. 

The survey is open until October 23

Have a say about traffic in Manotick

The City of Ottawa has launched consultations on the Transportation Master Plan or TMP as part of the development of the Official Plan.  This is an opportunity to provide the City with feedback about truck routes, the need for infrastructure changes to accommodate more residents living in the south end and the need for better connectivity for cyclists between communities and for pedestrians within the Village.

The consultation is being launched with an online survey.  For Manotick residents, it is an important opportunity to voice your concerns about truck traffic through the Village as well as the need for better connections with the rest of the City.


The deadline for survey input is January 24, 2020.

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