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Manotick Walkability Audit

February 2023

2023 Budget:  Walkability in the village remains an ongoing initiative for MVCA.  Each year MVCA is given opportunity to submit requests for consideration for the annual City budget through our Councillor's office.  Budget requests to the City of Ottawa are required to relate to specific local funding items such as sidewalks, road extensions or resurfacing or crosswalks

Click HERE to read the 2023 submission

In September 2019, the MVCA, with the support of the Council on Aging, undertook a walkability audit of the Village Core. Four volunteers, including one individual in a wheel chair, joined Director John Harrison in a walk along Bridge and Main Streets and the cross streets between Dickinson and Main Street. 


The full report has been sent to the City of Ottawa and some of its findings will be included in the Council of Aging's 2018 Progress Report. The MVCA Board has reviewed the findings with Councillor Moffatt and further action will be undertaken as a result. Future updates will be posted as items are finalized.  

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