All About Manotick Trivia Contest

Test your knowledge of local facts and lore.


There will be two rounds of the contest with prizes for each round.  

ROUND ONE has ended

There are questions for all ages.  Get everyone involved!


You can enter the contest as an individual, family or team;

however please only one entry per person, family or team.

The system will let you participate only once so make sure you are confident in your answers before clicking the DONE button.


The contest is only open to residents of Manotick.

Winners will be determined by the number of correct answers. 

In the event of a tie, a random draw will determine the winners.



First Place:  Team "April Fools" 

Second Place:  Team "Two and a Half Different Answers"

The Answers for Round One

1.  Remembrance Park has multiple themed gardens representing Canada’s wartime efforts. One such garden represents the Royal Canadian Air Force. What are all the other garden themes?

ANSWER:  Army, Navy, Merchant Marines, Peace Corp, Homeland

2.  If you are traveling by boat from Manotick to Ottawa, are you going upstream or downstream? 

ANSWER:  Downstream


3.  If you wanted to send a letter to everyone in the K4M 0G2 postal code, how many envelopes would you need?      

ANSWER:  4,543

4.  What type of wood is used to make the large logs that are used to control the water level at the Manotick dam? 

ANSWER:  Douglas Fir from BC

5.  What was the name of the store that used to be in the building where Giant Tiger is today?           

ANSWER:  Ambler’s        

6.  What is the new name of the creek that runs beside the paved path that runs from Century Road to Potter Drive?                    

ANSWER:  Mahogany Creek

7.  Manotick is fortunate to have many volunteer organizations that put on various community events throughout the year. Name 4 of these community events. 

ANSWER:  Shiverfest, Soapbox Derby, Picnic in the park, Dickinson Days, (also accepted – Taste of Manotick, Olde Fashioned Christmas, Chic Time in the Tick

8.  In what year was the Manotick Continuation School built?     

ANSWER:  1941

9.  What is the name of the winch used by the canal lock workers to manually open and close the lock gates?        


10.  How many paces does it take to cross the dam at the mill? 

ANSWER:  75 – 100 accepted 

First prize for Round 1 will be a gift card from McDonough's Your Independent Grocer

Second prize will be a gift card from Manotick Home Hardware. 

First prize for Round 2 will be a gift card from Manotick Home Hardware

Second prize will be a gift card from McDonogh's Your Independent Grocer


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