City of Ottawa Official Plan

Update:  November 2020 - Draft of New Official Plan and Feedback Forms

On the Engage Ottawa site there is a draft of the new Official Plan and twenty-two documents providing a brief overview of the New Official Plan proposed policies on specific subject areas.  Each of these twenty-two documents has an associated feedback form.  General questions and comments can also be submitted through the Engage Ottawa website.

Engage Ottawa - New Official Plan

Update:  August 20, 2020 - 15 Minute Communities Survey

Through the new Official Plan they City is striving to improve livability through concepts like 15 Minute Communities.  Click the link to learn more and to take the survey to provide your opinion about your community.  Survey closes September 4, 2020

Click HERE

Source:  City of Ottawa website

"The City of Ottawa Official Plan provides a vision for the future growth of the city and a policy framework to guide the city's physical development to the year 2031. It is a legal document that addresses matters of provincial interest defined by the Planning Act and the Provincial Policy Statement. It also serves as a basis for a wide range of municipal activities. These include the:

  • Assessment of applications for new development or redevelopment of land.

  • Planning for and approval of public works and infrastructure (such as roads, and parks)

  • Guidance to Comprehensive Zoning By-law and changes to zoning

  • Planning for new communities and existing areas undergoing change.

  • Preservation of natural systems and the wise use of resources

  • ​Consultation and soliciting opinions from the community 


Consultation and soliciting opinions from the community The Official Plan of the City of Ottawa was adopted in 2003 and applies city wide. The Official Plan also includes Secondary Plans and Site Specific Policies to provide more detailed guidance in specific circumstances or locations. The Official Plan and Secondary Plans may be amended from time to time as part of a regular review or by application (Official Plan Amendments). As these changes are approved they are consolidated into the online documents. The consolidated Plan can be accessed below or from  the navigation bar to the left.  


New Official Plan

We have an opportunity to prepare for the future with a brand new Official Plan. The review of the Official Plan will be done as required by the Planning Act and Provincial Policy Statement, 2014, and will run in coordination with the reviews of the Infrastructure Master Plan, Transportation Master Plan and the Development Charges By-law. All aspects of the Official Plan will be reviewed and updated, including secondary plans for urban neighbourhoods and rural Villages."

Ottawa Official Plan Review Archive

City of Ottawa Official Plan Review (2013)-Building a Liveable Ottawa 2031 has set out a process to guide the completion of a five-year update of the city's Official Plan as well as the Transportation, Cycling, Pedestrian, and Infrastructure Plans. The draft documents for each of these plans can be found in this archive.

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