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Why Keep it to 40 km/h?

5 per cent of pedestrians die when struck by a vehicle at 32 km/h. 

Fatalities increase to 85 per cent at only 64 km/h!*

* A 1995 report by the European Transport Safety Council


How safe are Manotick’s 40km/h residential streets?:

  • The City of Ottawa   recorded 91% of the cars speeding on Long Island Road.  One car was recorded at 72km/h during the 12-hour survey.

  • A survey along Potter Drive found similar results with even higher upper speeds.

Manotick residents report tailgating, unsafe passing and reckless speeds on our residential streets.


What can you do?

  • Visit Office Pro and pick up a free Keep it to 40 sign for your front lawn. They do make a difference.

  • Report speeding. Click here to file an online report.


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