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MVCA 2024 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will held on 

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

7:00 pm

Kiwanis Community Hall

Manotick Community Centre (Arena)

5572 Dr. Leach Drive, Manotick, Ontario

(Members may also request to attend online via Zoom)


Opening Comments

Approval of the Minutes of the 2023 Annual Meeting

Words from the Councillors

Review and approval of the 2023 Financial Statement
Letter from Financial Reviewer

Approval of the 2024 Financial Reviewer

Recap - 2023

Strategic Priorities

MVCA By-Laws Revisions - please see the background and links to documents below

Election of Officers and Directors

Positions available:  President



                                    Directors at Large



**Note about voting.  

All are welcome to attend the meeting.  As detailed in the MVCA By-Laws, only those who were MVCA Members on February 5, 2024 are eligible to vote.  Membership will be confirmed at the door for those attending in person.  Virtual participants will be advised upon registration if they are eligible to vote. 

MVCA By-Laws Revisions Background and Documents

The By-Laws required revision to ensure their compliance with the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.  MVCA convened the Governance Committee who made recommendations to the Board which were approved.   A Special Meeting of the Members was held on April 16, 2024 where the Board sought to ratify the changes.  Some of the changes were approved at the Special Meeting but Members requested further revisions to the By-Laws at that time that were significant enough that the full document could not be approved.  The By-Laws returned to the Governance Committee who incorporated the additional  changes requested at the Special Meeting.  The By-Laws were presented to the Board on May 14 where they were approved.  The Board will be seeking Membership approval of the By-Laws at the Annual Meeting.

If you have questions, please contact us at

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