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MVCA Governance Town Hall Meeting

In October 2019, the Ontario Not-for-Profit Incorporations Act (ONCA) replaced the Corporations Act as the legislation under which all not-for-profit organizations in Ontario are governed.  A three year transition period was granted to allow existing organizations to evaluate their governing documents and make changes as required.  

MVCA convened a committee who has researched ONCA, assessed our Constitution and By-Laws and have made recommendations that will bring us into compliance with the legislation.

The proposed document is also currently being reviewed by a lawyer as well for an added level of scrutiny.  

A motion will be made at the AGM on May 25 to ratify the changes.  However, there is lmited time availabe at the AGM to discuss this in detail.  This Town Hall meeting is available for anyone who would like to review the changes in detail prior to the AGM

The Town Hall Meeting is Thursday, May 4 at 7:00 pm.  It is a virtual meeting hosted on Zoom.

The current Constitution and By-Laws are available on this website

Click HERE

The draft of the new document is available through this link

Click HERE

Link to the Ontario Not-for-Profit Incorporations Act 

Click HERE

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