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Click HERE to read MVCA's submission to the Committees on this topic.

Ottawa Growth Management Strategy

As part of the development of a new Official Plan, the City has tabled a Growth Management Strategy which was up for discussion at a joint (virtual) Planning Committee and Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee meeting on Monday May 11.

Community Support During Self Isolation and Quarantine

Even though we need to put physical distance between each at the moment, it does not mean anyone needs to feel you are alone.

If anyone needs help there are people in the community who want to be there for you.

Manotick Neighbours Helping Neighbours Facebook Group CLICK HERE

List of community volunteers on the Manotick Kiwanis website  CLICK HERE

Volunteers and phone support from Manotick Community Church  CLICK HERE

Grocery delivery for seniors from ROSSS  CLICK HERE

Some local businesses are still open and offer delivery or curbside pickup  CLICK HERE

MVCA Annual General Meeting

The AGM for Manotick Village and Community Association is postponed until September due to Covid-19 restrictions on gatherings.

City of Ottawa Ward Boundary Review

The City of Ottawa is reviewing its ward boundaries.  An independent, third-party consultant team is conducting the Ward Boundary Review 2020.  The first round of public consultations has ended.  The second round will begin June 12, 2020.  MVCA is concerned that the review will result in a reduction of the number of rural wards.  MVCA has submitted comments to the consultants emphasizing the importance of having a strong rural voice at the Council table.  

Community Safety and Well-Being Survey

Everyone has a role to play in safety and well-being, and the City of Ottawa is seeking your feedback as they develop Ottawa’s Community Safety and Well-Being Plan.

The plan, which is required under the Province’s Safer Ontario Act, 2018, will outline strategies and actions to improve safety and well-being for everyone in Ottawa.  They City is requesting feedback from residents, organizations and government to help identify and address well-being and safety issues in our communities.  Survey deadline is the end of May 2020.

Solid Waste Master Plan

The City of Ottawa is developing a new Solid Waste Master Plan, to be completed by the end of 2021. The plan will guide how we manage solid waste over the next 30 years. As Ottawa grows and changes, we want to ensure our waste services evolve to meet new needs and challenges.   If you have any questions on the Solid Waste Master Plan or the engagement process, please feel free to ask your question through the link below.

Rural Economic Development Strategy

The City of Ottawa has released a draft Rural Economic Development Strategy which recognizes the economic benefits and potential of supporting economic development in rural communities. This is a positive development in recognizing the value of the City’s rural villages in achieving broader economic goals while also recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities faced by rural communities.

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Beryl Gaffney Park

The City of Ottawa is moving to make improvements to Beryl Gaffney Park using funds retained specifically for this purpose. These funds were generated through an agreement with the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority when the City transferred land for their new building at the corner of Prince of Wales Drive and Rideau Valley Drive North. Close to $1 million is now available for enhancements to the Park. 

Manotick Walkability Audit

In September 2018, the MVCA, with the support of the Council on Aging, undertook a walkability audit of the Village Core. Four volunteers, including one individual in a wheel chair, joined Director John Harrison in a walk along Bridge and Main Streets and the cross streets between Dickinson and Main Street. 

The full report has been sent to the City of Ottawa and some of its findings were included in the Council of Aging's 2018 Progress Report. The MVCA Board has reviewed the findings with Councillor Moffatt and further action will be undertaken as a result. Future updates will be posted as items are finalized.  

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