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MVCA Truck Survey Report

About 800 large trucks go through the intersection at Bridge and Main every week day. Those are the results of a truck survey conducted this spring by the Board of the Manotick Village and Community Association.

MVCA decided to do the survey to convince the City to re-examine Bridge Street as part of the City’s truck route network due to the dangers to pedestrians and cyclists as well as the detrimental impact of the noise and noxious fumes on area residents and businesses. We have lobbied for years for changes to the truck route and has also conducted two walkability audits in the Village core which have highlighted the dangers to pedestrians at the Bridge/Main intersection.

For New Home Owners

Health Canada is looking for people to participate in a study on indoor air quality in newly built homes and how it changes over time.

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Ottawa Residents - 2023 Vacant Property Tax 

In 2023, residential property owners will be required to declare the occupancy of their property or properties in the previous year. There is a document available through the button below or  visit ww.ottawa.ca/vut for more information on the program.

All Candidates Meeting

Thank you to everyone who participated in the All Candidates Meeting on September 28.  

Thank you to our Councillor Candidates; David Brown, Kevin Setia, Leigh-Andrea Brunet and Patty Searl for participating.  

It was well attended both in person and online.  Many key issues for our community were raised.  

A reminder that the advanced voting is October 7 and 14 and voting day is October 24.