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The Manotick Village and Community Association



Manotick on CBC News

3 minutes: Waubeshig Rice - kitchen store, traffic, Mahogany, Klaus, Dot Janz

30 minutes: Whole newscast, including Waubeshig Rice (above)

* Minute 9 - Adrian talks about the public meeting - then Waubeshig’s piece follows and Adrian closes off just before minute 13.

* Klaus and Adrian start just after minute 21 and Adrian starts off the segment by mentioning the public meeting. The segment ends just after minute 25.


Community Feedback Requested on Proposed Changes to City Site Plan Control By-Law
PDFMemo from John Moser, General Manager, Planning and Growth Management


Future Road Network Affecting Manotick Residents

IntersectionPublic Meeting on City’s intersection improvement proposals for Bankfield, Prince of Wales, First Line and Greenbank:

The City of Ottawa is preparing for the future road network affecting Manotick area residents as part of an Environmental Study for a new alignment for Greenbank Road between Jockvale Road and Barnsdale.

The MVCA held a public meeting on this issue on Monday November 4th

PDF Presentation given at the November 4th meeting


PDFPresentation given at the October 3rd meeting.


PDFRealigned Greenbank and Southwest Transitway Extension - Planning and Environmental Assessment Publc Consultation Group - Presentation Meeting #2, September 24, 2013

NewsBankfield Roundabout gets thumbs up from residents


PDFPresentation to Transportation Committee, November 15 by MVCA


Presentation to Transportation Committee, November 15
PDF"School to Pool" Manotick Cycling Path



SlideshowRemembrance Day in Manotick, November 2013


You need to read this to safely navigate h the Jockvale 2-lane Roundabout at Cambrian

Brochure: http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/engineering/roundabout/roundabout-brochure-en.pdf
Video: http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/engineering/roundabout/#video

PDF Reduce Speed to Safely Navigate the Jockvale roundabout


Manotick Rural Residential Land Survey 2011-2012

The Rural Residential Land Survey was tabled at the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee on Sept 5, 2013. Documents are availalbe here.


Request for Offers - Dickinson Square

PDFRequest for Offers The Manotick Mill Quarter Community Development Corporation is seeking offers from respondents interested in either purchasing or leasing its portfolios of properties situated in the historic Mill Quarter of Manotick


Official Plan - Rural Public Consultation - City of Ottawa On-Line Questionnaire

Results from Questionnaire

One hundred and fifty one (151) rural residents answered the online survey. All of the questions were mandatory for each respondent. The results of the survey are summarized and represented graphically below. For ease of reference, the questions have been grouped into the following topics:

  • Demographic Information
  • General Questions
  • Residential Development Strategy
  • Infrastructure
  • Transportation


Draft Official Plan

Draft Official Plan more documents available here..


Manotick Neighbourhood Watch

News Manotick to take lead on Manotick Neighbourhood revival


NewsYouthful outlook to shape Manotick programming EMC Article by Emma Jackson,May 24, 2013



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