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Sidewalk Study

MVCA's Accessibility and Sidewalks committee members Allan Haan and Janice Domaratzki have finalized a draft survey and report to the city.

This report finds that many of Manotick's sidewalks are in serious need of repair or renewal. Numerous tripping hazards for fully able pedestrians were documented, affecting almost all sidewalks. For people using assistive walking devices, the hazards documented are more serious. Serious deficiencies have been identified, including street corners that have no depressed curbs.  In addition, almost all depressed curbs in Manotick are damaged and too high for wheelchairs access



NewsDerby offers special needs kids chance to race - Ottawa Community News June 26

Super Kids

What’s a Super Kid

Special needs kids who participate in a soapbox derby are called Super Kids. A Super Kid participant shares a special dual seat soapbox race cart with an experienced able driver who controls the cart.

Registration and Participation Requirements

Who can apply. Only parents or legal guardians of special needs kids may apply for participation on behalf of a special needs kid and only a parent or legal guardian may sign the registration form. Download Super Kid registration form.

Read the brochure. The parent or legal guardian must understand and agree to the applicable provisions in the Derby Brochure. If you’re not sure, contact derby@manotickvca.org.

Size matters. Super Kids must fit comfortably in a special dual seat soapbox cart made available by the derby organizing committee. To make sure this is possible it must be tried in the presence of a parent or legal guardian sometime after 16 August 2015, when the special carts become available, at 5616 Doctor Leach Drive in Manotick. The person who signed the registration form will be contacted to arrange a mutually convenient date and time.

You gotta be there.  During derby day a parent or legal guardian must attend to the Super Kid participant at all times. This includes their presence at the start ramps when a Super Kid prepares to race, and at the bottom of the hill at the end of that race. This requires two persons knowledgeable of the particulars of the participant because there is no time for a parent or legal guardian to reach the bottom of the hill before the cart arrives.

Derby operators and derby volunteers may assist managing a Super Kid but only under the direction of a parent or legal guardian.

5th Annual Manotick Soapbox Derby and BBQ Picnic in the Park
Sunday, August 30, 2015

Come out and celebrate the end-of-summer with a wonderful day for the entire family. It all happens at Centennial Park, next to the Manotick arena, with the soapbox racecourse on the Beaverwood Road hill. There will be races, music, a craft table for children, face painting, balloon figures from Dr. Kaboom,  and of course, a BBQ lunch of hot dogs and hamburgers to purchase and fresh FREE corn on the cob. Bring a picnic blanket or chairs and spend some relaxing in the park. It’s not just a day for racing, but also a day for families to come out and enjoy the festivities.

Why not make the derby car a summer project? You must be at least seven years of age to race. You can purchase a kit on-line, or make one from items found around the house. There are certain specifications to follow and they can be found here. We also have carts available, that have been sponsored by associations and businesses in the community, for those youth who would like to race a cart, but don’t have one. We have 14 available slots for riders in these 7 sponsored carts. Each rider will be able to race two times that day.

There will be a variety of trophies awarded, from speed, to most creative, humorous, colourful, best costumed driver and patriotic.  Please see the judging sheet for criteria. See you on the hill!



PDFArtist rendering of Independent Living Apartments and Coffee Shop Proposed Across From Retirement Residence on Bridge Street 

Seniors  Apartments


Story boards presented at the Sat Nov 29th Secondary Plan Open House

Alternative Travel Modes [ 3.17 MB ]
Existing Wastewater System [ 1.2 MB ]
Proposed Water Distribution System
 [ 1.81 MB ]
Proposed Wastewater Network [ 1.78 MB ]
Village Core – Character Areas
 [ 1.05 MB ]
Manotick Secondary Plan Boundary [ 1.99 MB ]
Mahogany Land Use
 [ 1.7 MB ]
Natural Heritage Systems [ 1.95 MB ]
 Parking and Traffic [ 2.39 MB ]


Truckin' through Manotick, not so much across the Vimy Memorial Bridge

Video Comparison


The MVCA is committed to urge the city to lighten the load on the Manotick bridges and provide improved truck access to the new Vimy Memorial Bridge.  We need your support to make this happen.   Rural residents and businesses who have not already done so are asked to make their views known by sending a brief note to their ward councilor at george.darouze@ottawa.ca or scott.moffatt@ottawa.ca and to me at president@manotickVCA.org .


Community and local politicians reject proposed school location for TELUS Cell Tower in Manotick area

PDFPetition to the House of Commons to reject the proposed cell tower site at 1071 Dozois in Manotick ON:

“Whereas putting a cell tower at 1071 Dozois Road in Ottawa is not an acceptable risk for our children and our neighbourhood due to the proximity of the tower to a local elementary and local high school, we the undersigned, residents of Canada, request the House of Commons to not accept the proposed cell tower site at 1071 Dozois in Manotick, ON.”

Download the petition addressed to the House of Commons, add your name and and return it by mail (no postage required) to: Office of Pierre Poilievre MP, House of Commons, Ottawa, ON, K1A 0A6.


You need to read this to safely navigate the Jockvale 2-lane Roundabout at Cambrian

Brochure: http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/engineering/roundabout/roundabout-brochure-en.pdf
Video: http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/engineering/roundabout/#video

PDF Reduce Speed to Safely Navigate the Jockvale roundabout



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We Need YouMemberships can be renewed using your credit card by using the Paypal link found at http://www.manotickvca.org/join.html

NOTE: Completion of the form found on this page is only required if this is a new membership.

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All Candidates' Meeting

Saturday, September 26, 2015

7 - 9 PM

Manotick Arena Hall (upstairs)



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