Virtual Trivia Night

Saturday, June 5
7:00 pm

Tickets $20

Due to low ticket sales, the decision has been made to postpone the event.  All tickets will be refunded.

How it works

Participants buy their ticket in advance through this link:  


The day before the event, you will receive an email from us with the link to the trivia contest.  

Login in early
It is recommended that you log in a bit early on June 5th (15-30 min) to make sure the link works for you.  If you have any issues, please contact the organizers at the phone number that will be included in the email with the link.

The contest starts at 7:00 pm
On June 5 at 7:00 pm, the contest will open and the questions will be available for you to answer. 
The questions are consecutive and there is a set amount of time available to answer each question.  You get more a points the faster you answer...as long as your answer is correct.

There are 10 different categories with 10 questions in each category.

You will be able to see your results and how they compare to the others during the night.  

Having fun will help local youth
Proceeds from the night will be donated to YOMA (Youth of Manotick Association) to help support their work to provide social, inclusive and safe programs and resources for youth in our area.  The pandemic has kept them from being able to hold some of their critical fundraising events.  We hope that this event will provide them some much needed financial assistance and show our support for their work.

Contact us any time at info@manotickvca.org