Shiverfest Toboggan Contest

This event is for youth age 12 and under.  Teams will consist of two members.   The teams may choose if both ride the toboggan or if one acts solely as a "pusher" at the top of the hill.  


There will be three timed runs per team.    

Teams will provide their own toboggans.  Please do not bring sleds on skis. 

There are risks associated with tobogganing. 

Helmets are recommended.  Click HERE for more information.

Shiverfest 2020
Toboggan Team Registration
For youth age 12 and under, teams of 2

Youth Team Member 1

Youth Team Member 2

By submitting this registration  I am verifying I have all appropriate consent for both youth participating in the event from their parents/guardians and that one parent or guardian will be onsite, supervising the youth for the duration of the event.  


I have the authority to state that all parents and guardians of the participating youth understand and accept the level and types of risk that their child may be exposed to while participating in this event. 

By submitting this registration the parents and guardians of these youth hereby release Manotick Village and Community Association and Shiverfest volunteers from any liability to the extent permitted by the law.

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