Councillor Moffatt's Manotick Town Hall Meeting
Tuesday Nov 15th 7:00pm, Manotick Arena 

Format: Presentation followed by Q&A


The meeting will start by focusing on a variety of city-wide issues, the water, sewer and stormwater rate structure review and the 2017 budget.  


Manotick items he will be presenting include the Falls House and David Bartlett Park. Cllr Moffatt is expected to say a few words on what will happen at Dickinson Square, plans for Dickinson House, the Carriage Shed, the Clapp Lane property (2nd Senior's residence) and Remembrance Park. Scott may also update on Mahogany Harbour Dock project and Manotick Arena expansion project.


MVCA members are expected to ask the Councillor about the updated LEAR and the challenge made to have lands bounded by River Road/Mitch Owens removed from the Agricultural Resource Area that a few years ago had been proposed for big box mall development by Trinity Corporation. 


Other items which residents may wish to ask Councillor Moffatt about include: 

  •  Promised Regional Truck route study 

  • 4-way stop control at Van Vliet/South River (at Curling Club)

  • Timetable including date of public meeting and latest information on Kelly Marie subdivision application by Regional for 85 small bungalows

  • Interim and longer term road safety solutions for Bridge Street for which the Federal Government provided $600,000 of matched funding for a project budget of $1.2 millionBeryl

  • Community Policing - changes in Jan 2017 and how that will affect services, hours of operation, and future of Volunteer Community Police Office at Fire Station

  • Beryl Gaffney Park Master Plan design, and funding/implementation timetable

  • Photo radar to enforce Community Safety Zone 40 km/h on Bridge Street