Derby Race Rules

1. For reasons of safety, carts must meet the Construction Specification described herein.

2. Each cart will race four times. The driver in each of the four races need not be the same person but all participants (drivers) must pre-register.

3. During race day, carts may not be modified to suit different drivers. Seat adjustment only is permitted.

4. Total weight shall be limited to cart plus driver.  No extra weights of any nature shall be added.

5. Minimum age of participants is 7 on derby day.

6. Participants and parents/guardians must be available anytime from registration at 8:30 AM until the end of racing. Participants who are not available when called may be eliminated from further competition.

7. Carts will be inspected before registration on the race day. Ruling by the inspectors shall not be challenged. Carts rejected by the inspector must be promptly removed from the starting location.

8. When racing, drivers must wear closed toe shoes, a helmet with chinstrap, eye protection and gloves.

9. Carts must stay in their lane. Drivers who purposely cross the centre line or purposely run into the cone brake barrier at the finish line are subject to disqualification from that race.

10. Carts involved in an accident during the race will be impounded by the committee to help determine the cause of the accident. An accident is deemed to have occurred when a cart causes injury to persons or damage to property other than the cart itself.

11. The race judges’ decisions are final and shall not be contested.

12. In the case of inclement weather, race officials may halt the races.

13. The most important rule is “SAFETY FIRST”. Participants shall obey race officials.  DRIVE SAFELY!