Bill 109

April 15, 2022


Bill 109 passed and received Royal Assent on April 14, 2022.

April 14, 2022

MVCA highlighting concerns about affordable housing legislation

The MVCA is calling on local residents to write to local MPP Goldie Ghamari about Bill 109, the affordable housing legislation that will eliminate the opportunity for communities to have a say in future development in their community.


The Province is moving quickly to get approval for their affordable housing legislation with committee hearings already underway. Community associations continue to raise concerns about the plan to delegate site plan approvals to City staff with no need for public consultation. Associations believe that input from communities result in a better product that fits within the existing neighbourhood. Since site plans for smaller projects (fewer than 3 units or smaller than 4 stories, for example) are already delegated to staff, this new requirement would only apply to larger developments such as Mahogany.

There are also concerns about the Community Infrastructure & Housing Accelerator which would give the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing the authority to impose zoning provisions to facilitate development without consideration of the official Plan or the City’s zoning by-law. The other concerning component of the legislation would enable the Minister to refer Official Plans to the Ontario Land Tribunal, an unelected and unaccountable body.

In Ottawa, the City has just completed a three-year consultation in developing its new Official Plan with input from residents, stakeholders and the housing sector. If approved, this measure would enable an interested party to file an objection to a particular clause (such as limiting the growth of the urban boundary) which would then be reviewed by the Tribunal. While this will not have a direct impact on Manotick, it could result in lands around Riverside South being included in an expanded urban boundary.

We are encouraging everyone to write to their MPP Goldie Ghamari, objecting to these clauses which will have a detrimental impact on how our City is developed moving forward. Full details on the legislation are located here: More Homes for Everyone |

The Ontario Bill 109; More Housing for Everyone



March 18, 2022

In preparation for the introduction of Bill 109, the province released a report from the Ontario Housing Affordability Task Force.  

Manotick Village & Community Association agrees there is a need for more affordable housing in our community, city and province.  There is also an obvious need to make the approvals process more efficient.



The recommendations in this report are only for market rate housing. 

They do not provide a solution to the need for affordable options. 

Furthermore, the recommendations would give the Ontario government the ability to approve housing development without city involvement or community input.  Municipal plans, policies and zoning could simply be ignored.  Undeveloped land could be approved for development with no discussion with the city.  

Establishing province wide standards on density and enabling the province to override Official Plans developed with much input from residents is not a positive step.

Click HERE for the report from the Task Force

Click HERE to read the letter from MVCA sent to MPP Goldie Ghamari

What you can do

Contact MPP Ghamari and Premier Ford and Minister Clark (Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing)

with your opinion

MPP Goldie Ghamari

Premier Doug Ford

Hon. Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing